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When will I know I’m in labor?

The chart on page 15 (See PDF download under the right menu) will help determine if you are in labor . If you have signs of true labor or your water breaks, call the office day or night.


When to call The Ob/Gyn Center

1. 5-1-1 Contractions . Call when you are having contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, for 1 hour .


2. Ruptured membranes, clear fluid, no labor pains as your vaginal culture at 36 weeks was positive for Group B Strep .


3. If your membranes rupture after 4:30pm and your Group B Strep culture is negative, you can wait for signs of labor . If there are no contractions by 7am, please call our office.


4. If your membranes rupture during the day.


5. Ruptured membranes, green amniotic fluid. In general, you will be asked to come to the hospital when fluid is this color.


6. Heavy bleeding and/or unremitting, severe pain.

•During office hours, please call to discuss plans: 713-796-2200.

•Outside office hours, please call: 713-796-2200. Our answering service will immediately page the physician on call.


Usually,labor pains are uniform in their intensity and predictably rhythmical in their timing.

In general, when at term, there is NO need to call if:

1. You are cramping or have erratic contractions, even if some are strong.

2. You note a slight bloody discharge, pass your mucous plug, or see blood-tinged mucous in the absence of regular labor pains.



Labor induction is labor that is started with medication to begin the process of childbirth . Labor may be induced for medical reasons or as an elective procedure . If there is concern for your health or the health of your baby, a medical induction is indicated.


Forceps & Vacuum Assisted Deliveries

We are highly skilled in the use of vacuum and forceps for deliveries. We will recommend using them only if medically indicated. Our goal is to deliver your baby in the safest manner. There certainly are times when this is the safest way to help your baby into the world.


Cesarean Birth and Recovery

A Cesarean birth may be planned or unplanned.  Nurses, anesthesia staff and your physician will be with you in the operating room. If necessary, a group of neonatal health care providers also will be with you. Your blood pressure and heart rate/rhythm will be monitored, and a nurse will listen to your baby’s heart rate. Your baby will be delivered in a short period of time once surgery begins. It will take approximately 45-60 minutes total to complete the surgery. Your incision will be closed with staples or sutures. You will then be moved to the recovery room, where you will stay for two hours before being transferred to the postpartum floor.


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